Pam’s Retirement Letter

Dear Basset Rescue of Florida Supporters,

After 11 years of living the rescue life, I am announcing my retirement from active basset rescue. Our philosophy through most of the almost 10 years that this rescue has been in existence has been to foster all bassets at basset headquarters. We found this to be an effective way to concentrate our vet care and expenses with one vet which gave us the best quality control and savings, the ability to see the rescued basset in a group setting, evaluate their personality and needs, and also allowed for speedy placement when the time was right. I feel we were very effective and efficient in our rescue efforts per volunteer hour spent and I am very proud to tell you that over the years, we saved over 1,000 bassets. I cannot list all of people who have played a very important part in this rescue over the years but each of them was appreciated for their work. Rescue is a team effort and I hope each and every person has found their own special way to help the hounds we love so much.

The same things that make a small rescue very effective also requires a person (or a few people) to give up their private life. When you are so deeply involved that you eat, breath and sleep basset rescue, it is almost impossible for it to be a life-long endeavor. I find myself at that point where it is time for me to change the direction in my rescue efforts. I would not trade my rescue years for all the gold in the world and my memories of the special bassets that we were able to help along with the families that love them will forever be in my heart.

Intake of bassets has ceased. The rescue will remain open for any basset that we have adopted out and needs to be returned for any reason as any reputable rescue would. The bassets that are currently in rescue will stay with me because they are either hospice hounds or have special behavioral needs. The rescue will remain in place during the next 10 years which should make certain that all bassets adopted out by us have lived out their natural life and no longer need us to take them back.

Suncoast Basset Rescue is a state-wide rescue who does great work under Kathy Peacock’s leadership. They will be picking up the rescue reins in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties now. Thankfully the numbers of bassets coming through those counties have been gradually reduced over the years and they should be able to absorb those bassets into their rescue.

Although I am retiring from active rescue, I, along with the fantastic team of Yvonne Morgan and Jen Ford (a not-a-basset person!), will continue on with producing The Daily Drool Calendar each year. The net profit from the sales of this long standing tradition, will now go to the 501c3 basset rescue chosen by each calendar purchaser. We are proud to support all of those rescues that work so hard. Be sure and watch for further news on how to sign up your favorite Basset Hound Rescue to be a part of this project.

Thanks to each of you that have enriched my life over the years. I am looking forward to the next chapter and appreciate your well wishes.

Warmest Rescue Wishes,

Pam Farris, President of Basset Rescue of Florida, Inc.
President, Basset Rescue of Florida