Adoption Information

Many of the people who contact Basset Hound Rescues think they want a puppy. What’s not to love about those big paws and ears?!  Many groups do rescue puppies from time to time but there are many benefits to adopting a hound that is out of the puppy stage.

The adult Bassets are wonderful and have gotten over most of their trouble making and are starting to come into their full Basset personality. We think five is the perfect age for those people that want plenty of years to spend with their Basset. Generally they are couch potatoes and tolerate the day-to-day activities of your family well. Most of them will do just fine staying alone at home while you are at work and will be ready to accept your love and devotion when you arrive home.

Seniors are extra special. They are the most wonderful and loving Bassets imaginable. These often are the unforgettable cases. How anyone could dump their Basset that has given them years of love is beyond us. All they ask from you is a soft bed, good food, and the occasional belly rub. In return you will get more love than you can ever imagine.

So please keep an open mind as you take a review available basset hound profiles through any of our participating rescue groups’ websites by clicking here. and are also good resources in finding a forever family friend in your area.

Most request a donation with every adoption [based on the age of the pet] which includes the spay or neuter surgery, microchip & registration, current vaccinations, and heartworm test. Keep in mind that this donation covers the boarding and medical expenses incurred on all rescues, not just one.

Thank you for wanting to SAVE A LIFE!